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Private interpreting assignments: medical and legal appointments, court hearings

Private interpreting - medical and legal appointments, court hearings

When interpreting for individuals, utmost sensitivity and confidentiality is required. In addition, it is important that the interpreter has adequate knowledge of the specific circumstances and any relevant documentation. Both client and Russian interpreter work together as a team.

Our geographical knowledge is a bonus for private clients. We can accompany our clients to an appointment in a foreign city (south of Germany, Austria or Switzerland, Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kiev).

Private interpreting assignments generally go hand in hand with the need for translated documentation. Such an on-site assignment will often mean translating legal texts, records and possibly private letters. (See information regarding the proper translation of records, deeds, certificates and other documentation.)

Russian interpreters assisting you during personal appointments

It is not uncommon for clients to book an interpreter for appointments with a doctor, solicitor or notary, or for court proceedings. Our expert linguists at LEON IVANOV TRANSLATIONS can be of assistance to you in the following circumstances:

  • Weddings
  • Inheritance issues
  • Custody cases
  • Notarisation
  • Family reunion
  • Moving house
  • Transfer of property
  • Any other official proceedings
  • Court proceedings
  • Hospitalization
  • Medical appointments

We can guarantee that the Russian interpreters at LEON IVANOV TRANSLATIONS are professional and reliable for private assignments as well as business assignments. We are always on hand to assist you.

There are further language and translation services provided by LEON IVANOV TRANSLATIONS.