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Translator English Russian and Russian English Translator

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Translator English Russian and Russian English Translator
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Translator English Russian and Technical translations in medicine and pharmaceuticals

Health and life sciences are a growth market that constantly present new challenges for Russian translators (and for Ukrainian and English translators too). High quality technical translations can mean the difference between continued success or failure for medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Precise translations for approval procedures

Technical translations into Russian for medicine, pharmaceuticals and medical technology and especially for approval procedures

Strict approval procedures for pharmaceuticals require accurate translation of related documents. Precision is the highest priority. The Russian English Translator has to take into account laws, legal standards and the exact specifications for the proper use of the pharmaceutical. That is why the Translator English Russian has a trained eye for detail when it comes to working on such translations.

Demand is growing for our translations in the area of foreign approval procedures for food additives. We also specialize in this area for the Russian Federation.

Specialists for technical translations in medical technology

With our technical translations in the field of medical technology, we focus on documentation and documentation updates for the trouble-free use and maintenance of medical equipment. Medical technology is not just about preventative, maintenance or therapeutic treatments - our precise translations may even help to save lives.

Patient records

We also translate documents related to patients. As patient records usually contain personal, sensitive and technical data, our experience, competence and discretion are especially valuable. The range of materials we translate in this field covers medical diagnoses, epicrises, patient files and medical insurance forms. This is, of course, only part of the services that we can offer in the field of medical and pharmaceutical translations. Many other options for technical translations in this field are open to you. Perhaps you need an academic paper translated for publication, or for a conference or symposium - perhaps a translation for a medication package insert or laboratory analysis? Come to us. Translator English Russian team is always at your service.

Business and finance is another field in which we offer translations. Learn more about our strengths and experience in this field, which can guarantee you a technically correct translation into Russian. correct translation into Russian.

Translator English Russian and Russian English Translator